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2019-ж., 11-апр.



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Lubu Fengxian
Lubu Fengxian Саат мурун
3:20 you mean Zhang Jiao
whoopsie daisie
whoopsie daisie 2 саат мурун
Hey dude, can you make a video about the French Revolution? I absolutely love your videos btw
Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan 2 саат мурун
I'm a Chinese and getting to know Chinese history in English (which I have been learning in Chinese for my whole life) is so amazing
K22 N34_Dingowarrior
K22 N34_Dingowarrior 2 саат мурун
I saw That Yellow Jacket. :) WWG1WGA
Herman Pant
Herman Pant 2 саат мурун
I really like your videos. it would be great to see you cover the rebel Queen Zenobia's fight with the Roman Empire.
Cristian Bodole
Cristian Bodole 3 саат мурун
6:12 in the back Hitler's dad
RonaldMcPaul BaneGlory
RonaldMcPaul BaneGlory 3 саат мурун
For xia you gotta make like a snake sound, let's start with the xi-. *xi-* is between thi- and si-, like you're lisping, *sthee-* if we were to try and spell it. But we can forget that, just put your tongue between your teeth a bit like you're making a snake sound, start like you're gonna say the word "the" but then say the word *"see"* instead. Congratulations, you just pronounced one of the top three most difficult Mandarin sounds like a Chinese person. For xia we just add in the 'ah' , ssthss th- see-ah! Boom.
Neel 3 саат мурун
video on bangladesh liberation war plzz
Steven Zhao
Steven Zhao 3 саат мурун
Goddamn never really appreciated how clean Chinese slogans are until I saw the translated versions.
Steven Zhao
Steven Zhao 3 саат мурун
+Aoa Tee Well the yellow turban's slogan in Chinese is 苍天已死黄天当道,a total of 8 syllabals. The translation just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Aoa Tee
Aoa Tee 3 саат мурун
What do you mean?
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn 3 саат мурун
The Chinese Game of Dynasties. Ah, HBO will pick it up and make another billions off of it.
Trollus 4 саат мурун
The Eunuchs killed He Jin, this enraged Adolf’s father, who punished them severely. 6:07
JarlH3lm3r 4 саат мурун
6.20 Alois Hitler is spanking someone
Shadow Slash25
Shadow Slash25 5 саат мурун
Do civil war
Weizi 5 саат мурун
Kudos to you so much....>.
Xenomorph Biologist - XX121
Xenomorph Biologist - XX121 5 саат мурун
6:14 Alois Hitler is hitting someone
yun li
yun li 5 саат мурун
It may mean that these eunuchs are perverted and unregulated children like Adolf Hitler.
The Cold Spaghetti
The Cold Spaghetti 6 саат мурун
Mein Führer
Mein Führer 6 саат мурун
Hey over simplified Do a video on the great Northern war
Michael McEvoy
Michael McEvoy 6 саат мурун
Wow nice sponsorship, standard price. Amazing
Man Ho YIM
Man Ho YIM 6 саат мурун
4:18 - 4:25 you are pronoucing them right ( and I know cuz i am chinese) btw i luv yur content it helped me with my history classes
Nerdsomnia 6 саат мурун
Good video, wished pronunciation was accurate.
Ben Pham
Ben Pham 7 саат мурун
6:17 lol that person from ww2
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox 7 саат мурун
Hi, yeah can I get oversimplified - Soviet Union so I don't fail history, thanks.
Zachary Keddington
Zachary Keddington 7 саат мурун
You gotta do the PewDiePie vs T-Series war, even if it isn't over yet
Iftikar Playz
Iftikar Playz 7 саат мурун
Angelly Gang
Angelly Gang 8 саат мурун
6:18 OH Nani?!Hitlers DAD? IS THAT YOU IN THE BACK?!
Flame Gameplays
Flame Gameplays 8 саат мурун
Can you please do the Civil War Oversimplified!?
Cole Vanderbilt
Cole Vanderbilt 8 саат мурун
Dude, you should totally do some videos on the Roman Empire. Your content fucking rocks.
Trailblazer Lazer Razer :D
Trailblazer Lazer Razer :D 8 саат мурун
So that's basically how Dynasty Warriors became a game series and I think the word is Harem of Concubines, not Polygamy (Step Mothers) 🤣
Hakan Dişkaya
Hakan Dişkaya 8 саат мурун
This is basically battle royale right?
RoBro581 8 саат мурун
when you going to do the american civil war?
S p o o k y S a m
S p o o k y S a m 8 саат мурун
Do you only make videos when you get sponsers
Bendy4life Yt
Bendy4life Yt 9 саат мурун
Lmao hitlers dad is spamming the royal eunuchs
TheAgentTexas 9 саат мурун
3:52 ... ... Paris?
The Fifth
The Fifth 9 саат мурун
Hi Guys
Hi Guys 9 саат мурун
ziv ofer morik
ziv ofer morik 9 саат мурун
Dynasty warriors is better
Eric Fakhridinov
Eric Fakhridinov 9 саат мурун
i love ur channel.
Lazar Momcilovic
Lazar Momcilovic 9 саат мурун
6:09 hahaha I didn't know Hitler's father massacred them too hahahahaha!!
Cheat code 0607
Cheat code 0607 10 саат мурун
Do the Vietnam war Like if you agree
Harrison La time traveler
Harrison La time traveler 9 саат мурун
If his next video isn't the Vietnam war we'll all punish him severely.
Kenneth Ng
Kenneth Ng 10 саат мурун
Kenneth Ng
Kenneth Ng 10 саат мурун
3:06 A pizza 3:53 A French dude 6:09 A eunuch is being punished severely by spanking by Hitler's father 6:36 Rick-rolled by the Chinese writing on the wall "Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down "
Lewis McCartney
Lewis McCartney 10 саат мурун
Can you do the spanish civil war next?
German fnaf gaming
German fnaf gaming 10 саат мурун
3:52 Vive la revolution!!!!!!!
Herbata 10 саат мурун
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaas I'm waiting for French revolution
Pieter-Jan Herman
Pieter-Jan Herman 10 саат мурун
two months is too long mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Ebou Janha
Ebou Janha 10 саат мурун
Can you make the Spanish American war please 😄😄😄😄
Felix Gustavo Manrique Alban
Felix Gustavo Manrique Alban 10 саат мурун
What about ottoman empire?
yun li
yun li 11 саат мурун
Cao Cao is also a great poet.He was wrote some famous poems such as Guan Cang Hai(观沧海) 观沧海 东临碣石,以观沧海。 水何澹澹,山岛竦峙。 树木丛生,百草丰茂。 秋风萧瑟,洪波涌起。 日月之行,若出其中。 星汉灿烂,若出其里。 幸甚至哉,歌以咏志。 translate: Gazing Out Across the Ocean Come east of Jieshi Cliff I gaze out across the ocean, Its rolling waves Studded with rocks and islets; Dense the trees and bushes here, Rank the undergrowth; The autumn wind is soughing, Huge billows are breaking. Sun and moon take their course As if risen from the sea; The bright galaxy of stars Seems sprung from the deep . And so ,with joy in my heart, I hum this song.
Brendan Du
Brendan Du 11 саат мурун
Nice video, I read 3 kingdoms when I was a kid but totally forgot most of them after I grew up, now it's coming back
Leanne Luk
Leanne Luk 11 саат мурун
you should do the American civil war that would be cool
Nikola Mimica
Nikola Mimica 11 саат мурун
Who else knows all of this because of dynasty warriors?
Marco DePizzol
Marco DePizzol 11 саат мурун
Sun Quan started the custom of breaking boards in karate
u/Meme it
u/Meme it 11 саат мурун
Your videos educates me more than my teachers does
u/Meme it
u/Meme it 11 саат мурун
Can you make a video about the interwar period?
youtubinyan 11 саат мурун
Hey, can you do the great depression oversimplified?
Marco DePizzol
Marco DePizzol 12 саат мурун
Do the Crimean war
Daniel Plays ROBLOX
Daniel Plays ROBLOX 12 саат мурун
Internet Troll
Internet Troll 12 саат мурун
anyone know what the birds said when oversimplified said "and the birds were singing" in the beginning of the video EDIT: also look at 0:32, theres kfc on top of the house
yun li
yun li 10 саат мурун
+Internet Troll You are welcome
Internet Troll
Internet Troll 11 саат мурун
+yun li thx
yun li
yun li 11 саат мурун
"永不放弃你" means never give up on you.
Canada 12 саат мурун
14:48 His name changed from Sun Hao to Liu Shan. Like if you noticed.
The Cake Man
The Cake Man 12 саат мурун
6:08 The eunuch just killed Emperor Timmy’s uncle. This enraged his father, who punished him severely.
arxhgos apokounia
arxhgos apokounia 12 саат мурун
And i thought ww2 was twisted but after this simplify of china's history now it's nothing before this
arxhgos apokounia
arxhgos apokounia 12 саат мурун
Humanity sure loves to kill its own brethren
Gabriel Soler
Gabriel Soler 12 саат мурун
Did anyone hear the UnderHand music
EXA_Z 12 саат мурун
6:08 this angered their father who punished them severely
Mini Me
Mini Me 12 саат мурун
I saw Hitler's father here but where did he come from?
Scott Tribble
Scott Tribble 12 саат мурун
Oversimplified can you please do American civil war video
Elijah Fowler
Elijah Fowler 12 саат мурун
If you don't like this comment, it will enrage Hitler's dad at 6:08 who will punish you severely
Glitch_ SKELETON 13 саат мурун
Do the American civil war oversimplified
Maheer Patel
Maheer Patel 13 саат мурун
Hey OverSimplified, I was thinking some time in the future you could do something about the Indian (mythical) story Mahabharata. Thanks for taking your time to read this comment. BTW I love your videos and they helped me pass my history class.
DrSeanKennedy 13 саат мурун
That lisp isth throng....
Divnej Brouk
Divnej Brouk 14 саат мурун
this video made me buy total war: three kingdoms - thats what you call a nice sponsorship
AlphaswordYT 14 саат мурун
You forgot that the Han Dynasty created Ice Cream
Eren Keleş
Eren Keleş 14 саат мурун
Ottoman Empire
Thomas L.
Thomas L. 14 саат мурун
This is the greatest promotion video ive ever seen.
Egg 14 саат мурун
Japan: hold my beer
R Paidar
R Paidar 14 саат мурун
6:15 The Eunichs killed He Jin. This enraged Hitler's father, who punished them severely.
Mark Anthony Arevalo
Mark Anthony Arevalo 15 саат мурун
in 6:15 i saw hitlers dad on the stairs
Tudor_XD 15 саат мурун
alExA PlaY DeSpAsItO 3:18
Pretzel Snack
Pretzel Snack 15 саат мурун
6:08 hitlers father is punishing someone severely
Mineral Pill
Mineral Pill 15 саат мурун
it's zhang jiao, in ancient china there are no multi-pronounced characters, thus jiao was only pronounced jiao in ancient china and jue was the adapted sound later on. This proves that google is wrong.
Nazan Yener
Nazan Yener 16 саат мурун
hey buddy videos in turkish subtitle
ANAS HAJ MOHMAD 16 саат мурун
Can I translate your videos to Arabic, please. And upload them and I will mention your channel name.
Sarius Drake
Sarius Drake 16 саат мурун
Vietnam war over simplified pls
DaverGamer 16 саат мурун
6:08 that guy in the backround is aurtrian hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....reference perhaps
Hexenmeis 11
Hexenmeis 11 16 саат мурун
We want more information and wars
Zallie 1
Zallie 1 17 саат мурун
Love ur videos Oversimplified👌
im already tracer
im already tracer 17 саат мурун
6:08 Hitler's dad in the background
Andrew Njiru
Andrew Njiru 17 саат мурун
😂😂so fat and oily he burned for days
Hamod Khader
Hamod Khader 17 саат мурун
Don't forget the Vietnam war video please
Zecooleriron_PvP 17 саат мурун
6:16 lol wtf look up the stairs
Rudy Mac
Rudy Mac 17 саат мурун
Really good video I didn't know much about early Chinese history and it's so interesting
TC Jim
TC Jim 18 саат мурун
Three Kingdoms is one of the most chaotic periods of Chinese history, population drop was insane
Helder Yysus
Helder Yysus 9 саат мурун
As well as all of the Medieval period ? I mean, besides that epoch China has always been unified for long periods of time
The Crazy Pug
The Crazy Pug 18 саат мурун
Hey OverSimplified can you do the civil war
Chorus, Isolate, Confirm
Chorus, Isolate, Confirm 18 саат мурун
I was waiting for Lu Bu
Alan Wang #36
Alan Wang #36 19 саат мурун
It's a miracle that I actually understood this.
Brandon Kroll
Brandon Kroll 19 саат мурун
Eunoch 's who all don't have dongs get killed off, a new man rides in whose name is Dong....coincidence?
Fire lich King
Fire lich King 19 саат мурун
Make a video with LifeNoggin Or Theodd1sout
Viper MJ
Viper MJ 19 саат мурун
Richard Lim
Richard Lim 19 саат мурун
Just bought the game through the link, what a great and funny. All the best moving forward. Which warlord you gonna play first?
Italian Mapping
Italian Mapping 19 саат мурун
9:40 literally how i feel every time i go to math class
Kookie The Cookie
Kookie The Cookie 19 саат мурун
As a chinese citizen and having Chinese blood running through me, I just need to say U know more about my own culture than I do
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