This test drive stunt got me banned from BMW for life

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Eric McClellan (kgvid.com/u-gearheaddaily) wanted to help his mother find the right BMW convertible but when the salesman asked him to really test a Z4 M Roadster, he might have taken things a bit too far.
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2019-ж., 18-мар.



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Pavel Bovt
Pavel Bovt 8 саат мурун
This guy is weird 🤦‍♂️ and the story sounds like bullshit!
BGA Күн мурун
This guy is very punchable
Martin Siedlecki
Martin Siedlecki 2 күн мурун
Nice integra 👍
Jake Ray
Jake Ray 2 күн мурун
God this guy is such a douche
Its xTazz
Its xTazz 3 күн мурун
So for the viper he shows a Audi R8, and for the corvette he shows the viper lol
Bryant 3 күн мурун
What a shit video, a shit story and this guy is a cock sucker. He looks like he likes being cucked
TheSandman121212 4 күн мурун
Who else thinks this guy is full of shit? Cant break loose the back of a Z4M in sludge/snow?
espartochaos 4 күн мурун
Alot of mess ups in this video lol.
C List
C List 5 күн мурун
Reminds me of my experience at a GM test drive event. They had a GM rep ride along on Corvette and CTS-V but no supervision on the GTO 6.0l 6 speeds . They did not seem thrilled about the drifting event
White Knight
White Knight 5 күн мурун
Topaz blue.
Windsor 519
Windsor 519 6 күн мурун
That BMW would be pretty fast for any normal person. The dealer doesn’t expect the average person to have a viper at home. This guy is a Douche. He was just trying to be a dik.
macca676 6 күн мурун
A viper is quick going straight. Straight into the trees down the side of the road.
Thomas Fiebig
Thomas Fiebig 6 күн мурун
Looks like Paul walked in one of the pics
Cilantro 6 күн мурун
Salesman was excited about the car you didn't have to be so smug
daddytech 6 күн мурун
*LOL I did something a little worse to a Chevrolet salesman in Knoxville at West Chevrolet back in 1996 when the new 6 speed Z28 came out for that year. I was actually considering buying one but the sales man wouldn't let me drive it anywhere but around their little loop behind the dealership. we're talking about maybe a half mile block if that. I told the guy as I started driving "I really wanted to give it the beans to see what it would do. he made the ultimate mistake of telling me "well go ahead but keep in mind this first turn at the end of this stretch is a 90 degree 25 mph turn. (normally yes but not today) I went 50mph to the first corner he's gripping the dash board and the door grab handle so hard he's leaving hand prints in the vinyl dash and door handle. my girlfriend at the time is in the back telling the sales man to "hold on" he's freaking screaming "25 it's 25 in this turn" as I cornered the 90 degree single lane turn at 40. took it back up to the lot and the dealer got out saying I can't believe you just did that and we didn't die. I just knew we were dead. I had to laugh which I guess insulted him. I said "well I told you I wanted to give it the beans and you said go ahead so I did. where I wanted to take the car wouldn't have been nearly as scary but you wouldn't let me take it anywhere but that lame ass loop that should never have anything more than a Corsica test driven on it. that's a grandma loop. right after that i went back to the salesman i usually dealt with at West Chevrolet's used lot at another location. and he asked me what happened. I told him i went for a test drive in a new Z28 6 speed and the sales man had me go down that lame loop behind the lot. He looked at me and said "well that explains it then. You scared the crap out of the guy, he threw the keys at the manager and went home for the day" i told him well he shouldn't have been so dang lame and just let me drive it down a real road, since he didn't i made it dance a little. I didn't have the motor cross experience this guy had, i just did a lot of hell raising on the middle Georgia roads back in the day and that was my claim to fame. as if there was anything to claim at all*
sailentxx 6 күн мурун
True story btw
Umar Malik
Umar Malik 7 күн мурун
Cool story bro.
TurboVX220 8 күн мурун
Guy sounds like an arrogant prick.
v12tommy 8 күн мурун
550? That's cute. My electric grocery getter makes 762hp.
cLaiN- Productions
cLaiN- Productions 8 күн мурун
Idk man this story doesn’t check out at all... I’ve driven that exact Ferrari in the rain and the back came in every other corner without even trying... sounds really weird the way you described it
The_double_s 9 күн мурун
Flooooor it
James 9 күн мурун
This guy is such a douche
evanrichterer 9 күн мурун
BMW Minnetonka?
Shawneil Burgess
Shawneil Burgess 9 күн мурун
Dear CREEPER69XD45 you are banned from this server. You came in my room and my mom saw you typed... *fuck* in the chat and now I'm grounded. You know the rules. YOU KNOW THE RULES!
MAXI KING 9 күн мурун
Cody Wild
Cody Wild 10 күн мурун
Yeah dealers are often rather annoying, my dad was in a Mercedes Benz dealership in New Zealand and he was asking about the Hybrid models about a year ago, however when he looked at what I think is called an E class estate which he has had before and when we were talking to the dealer, the dealer was just complaining at my dad for also talking about how he was looking at a Tesla Model X as well and the guy was just constantly saying that electric cars aren’t going to work out and hydrogen powered is going to be better and he was really rude about it. In the end my dad did buy a Mercedes from them however it was with a different dealer so it worked out but it just goes to show how some people can be as dealers in cars.
Michael Vela
Michael Vela 10 күн мурун
Wait.. are you the guy that stood on top of his Vipers fiberglass top?
CrimsonSlayer7 10 күн мурун
for the average guy 330 hp, 0-60 in about < 5 seconds is fast. To this guy who has driven far faster and stronger cars, of course he's not going to be that impressed
cessna geek
cessna geek 11 күн мурун
I’d just steal the bmw
Josh 11 күн мурун
i too have had a bad experience at BWM dealers. buncha dicks if you ask me!
WestCoastTrans 11 күн мурун
I thought the whole point of the bmw was to drift haha someone needs to go sell some Hyundai’s
Eisernen Fuchs
Eisernen Fuchs 11 күн мурун
Give me a holler if you're ever in PA. I'd like to sneak into some higher end "full scale" motorsports other than drag racing XD I crew chief for an older buddy of mine, I manage his calculations, I manage his numbers. Taught the old man the physics behind it all, and got him from being last to top 3s
Eisernen Fuchs
Eisernen Fuchs 11 күн мурун
I'm just some hidden weirdo, numbers are fun XD especially when you've got the understanding of the physics of what you're doing and not just the "vroom vroom" of it! Hahaha, I can relate, test drove the Hennessey Raptor, and it was fun, dealer didn't think the same, so I can relate to that "M Power"
Joey Beamer88
Joey Beamer88 12 күн мурун
Can’t believe it’s snowing and still won’t come out...he did tell u though why’d he get so butt hurt
Mickey Cruise
Mickey Cruise 13 күн мурун
The story teller is doing some projecting here, that's clear.
JIn Kangsta
JIn Kangsta 13 күн мурун
too many pussies in BMW dealership nowadays. I drove BMW for 3 years but not anymore. Honestly, BMW engineering is pretty good mediocre car from Germany. But the people representing BMW in North America service really sucks ass. Probably gonna go for a Porsche couple years down the road.
Kyle Peterson
Kyle Peterson 13 күн мурун
Represent Minnesota! HAHA. Sometimes ya just gotta have fun
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones 13 күн мурун
Philipp W
Philipp W 13 күн мурун
No reason why u got banned?
The Bean
The Bean 13 күн мурун
That's an R8. Not a Viper.
Al North
Al North 13 күн мурун
As much as I like this guy stories this one sounded cocky as hell A 300hp Rwd under 3000lbs is a powerful car and can easily drift in cold weather. A real car guy knows how to appreciate all HP ranges
Pixel car racer Post
Pixel car racer Post 13 күн мурун
*_When eurobeat kicks in_*
Sam De jonge
Sam De jonge 14 күн мурун
Strange car dealer
Glenn Perry
Glenn Perry 14 күн мурун
Ken Block walks into Ford dealer Car salesman “I see you are looking at that focus st, it’s pretty dang quick, can you drive stick maybe if you’re careful I can let you test drive it”
bejoy herculeus
bejoy herculeus 14 күн мурун
Things that never happened .period.
Kasper N
Kasper N 14 күн мурун
Who the fuck encourages someone to do something risky then bans them after...what a tool...he should've been fired lol...
Justin Trepanier
Justin Trepanier 14 күн мурун
Probably scared the shit out of him
F B 14 күн мурун
So, just like a regular BMW driver. I'm sure thats how it happened
Frenkie 14 күн мурун
He was on some trenbolone
Serana Müller
Serana Müller 14 күн мурун
bush 14 күн мурун
Oh yeah yeah Litty Comittee
Oh yeah yeah Litty Comittee 15 күн мурун
HERPY DERPEDY 15 күн мурун
I bet he shit his pants and did the duck waddle into the dealership.
D'Arcy Jousset
D'Arcy Jousset 15 күн мурун
That salesman is an idiot. like shit my F150 has more HP then that car. Probably faster and quicker too. Should go back to that dealership and ask to test drive a car.
Nick Holmes
Nick Holmes 15 күн мурун
I would get a local BMW dealership ad on this video😂
Common Sense
Common Sense 15 күн мурун
There’s three sides to every story. I’m sure the dealership guy has a different take on it and this guy could have been a douche for all we know. His story sounds a little suspect.
Dee Emm
Dee Emm 15 күн мурун
Was that supposed to be car story? Boring I want my 7 minutes back
m kaye
m kaye 15 күн мурун
You're really good at telling that story. Really funny and super descriptive. Well done 😁
James F
James F 15 күн мурун
Dude was edging you on from the very beginning then he looked like a little b$&!h when you whipped it around there and made him soil himself. Totally not your fault bet next time he's not quite so cocky lmao
D 16 күн мурун
Minnesota sucks so hard.
David George
David George 16 күн мурун
Salesman : “It hAs ThE M pAcKaGe MoToR sO iTs FaSt’’
Zack 16 күн мурун
I took a Ford Mustang GT350r for a test drive and I drove it nice and slow and the guy kept trying to get me to drive it hard because he wanted me to see what it was capable of because he really wanted me to be interested so I down shifted to 3rd and I slammed the fucking gas I had that car spinning like hell going down the road and going around turns I had that fucker loose as a 95 year old porn stars vagina and so the guy said I was never allowed to drive cars from that dealership again but once we got back I ended up buying the car and were good friends now.
Crunkeykong 16 күн мурун
Eric:ask why the back end won't slide out Dealer:you're just not giving it enough go harder Eric: ok "drifts around corner" Dealer: alright stop you're done get out
CarbonSickle 16 күн мурун
Jesus this guy has an abrasive personality...
Jacob Brandt
Jacob Brandt 16 күн мурун
Motorwerks in the twin cities? Sound like it!
Raul Gabriel
Raul Gabriel 16 күн мурун
Who is this guy
AmazinChannel 16 күн мурун
This guy sounds like an ass, and the dealership was probably alright. -this car is really fast -no, i have drived cars that drinks gas like it's a kamikaze before pearlharbor Yeah, alright, what are you getting out of it? It's like one friend comes over and says "look that girl is really pretty, i think i'm gonna ask her out" and he says: "nah, i've fucked angelina jolie while kissing katy perry, that girl is really not pretty"
Nathan Esterkyn
Nathan Esterkyn 16 күн мурун
2:59 - normal, 3:00 - douchebag 😬
alchemist 16 күн мурун
This story reminds me how I went to BMW to look at an M3 and was told by the sales person himself that I’m not allowed to test drive the car due to people wanting the purchase the vehicle with 0 miles on it, I said ok no worries walked out the dealership and the manager stormed out wanting to help me and I said “no” I see how you treat your customers. I walked to my Lexus dealership and bought myself an RCF instead, stupid sales guy could of made a lot of commission but the BMW mindset is strong with them.
TK 16 күн мурун
I hope the dealer gets a car crash curse, every car he drives should get wrecked >:(
Wardocc 16 күн мурун
I think there may be just a little more to this story.
Justin E. L.
Justin E. L. 16 күн мурун
Why would you buy a BMW anyway? I'd never buy a car from such an unreliable brand.
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 16 күн мурун
When you say this I can hear car sounds.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 17 күн мурун
If I wanted to listen to a guy big himself up this much I'd go and see my father in-law
Eskiilio 17 күн мурун
Ahhaha got a BMW ad
Max Nix
Max Nix 17 күн мурун
Asshole salesmen stories are a little stale at this stage in life, but still necessary for the young ones.
Aozotra 17 күн мурун
Why didn't he turn off traction control?
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett 17 күн мурун
Haha, that’s perfect! That would be like if I told someone to floor it to redline and then complain they went past 9k rpm, lol! I would be more upset if someone borrows my car and didn’t floor it every time it was driven (it’s a wankel rotary, if you don’t get them hot, carbon builds up on the cold side and acts like sandpaper on your engine, you MUST redline them every drive, especially if it’s a short 1 mile drive to get groceries!). If you tell someone to do something, and they do it, how could you get mad at them? Seems like you shouldn’t have told them to do it then, lol! Fast is relative though, I was telling my friends “yeah jeeps are pretty fast” and they stared at me. I had to clarify “relatively fast, they look like turtles that would roll on even a slow speed turn, but considering how slow they look, they are decently fast, fast enough to get groceries”. I have completely different expectations for different vehicles. Fast on a bicycle is 30 mph, fast on a motorcycle is 0-60 in well under 3 seconds. Similarly, I just don’t expect an RV to be doing wheelies, so if a house on wheels can do 0-60 in 10 seconds, which is faster than some cars, then I consider that relatively quick...
John Fisher
John Fisher 17 күн мурун
What dealer was this? The one on 394?
Trevor Crane
Trevor Crane 17 күн мурун
Lol nice
Chevy Dude
Chevy Dude 17 күн мурун
Love this! come to Louisville, Ky. We can do this in a Corvette! #ChevyDude
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 17 күн мурун
But why does she want a soft top so bad? What's wrong with her? No one should prefer soft top over hard.
Bloo57999 17 күн мурун
Snow drifting is where it's at with a newer car, otherwise the stock suspension gets thrashed
Tadaslkz 17 күн мурун
This man is full of something but it ain't love.
Versatile Verbal assassins
Versatile Verbal assassins 17 күн мурун
Legend has it his mom still hounded them for her soft top
Ezekiel Duvall
Ezekiel Duvall 17 күн мурун
The red one was a Malibu
Dre Drov
Dre Drov 17 күн мурун
This is hella funny this guy claims that he been Auto Crossing then he should know that miatas rule that shit whit half the horse power and viper is the worst car to bring up when it comes to claims of driving fast cars
Jlove 17 күн мурун
Who edited this? He said viper and an r8 was shown
bikephil 18 күн мурун
You are really annoying and smug
maximua78 18 күн мурун
The red one is not Saab :)
Tac0 slay3r
Tac0 slay3r 18 күн мурун
i don’t think it got you banned from EVERY BMW dealer your title is just click bait
Classy Potassium
Classy Potassium 18 күн мурун
This guy just seems like a stuckup tool smh
Jeffery Williams
Jeffery Williams 18 күн мурун
Nick Waterhouse
Nick Waterhouse 18 күн мурун
Being a mechanic or a sales person at a dealership, you end up with a variety of ridiculous stories with no exaggeration needed. Between being a mechanic and a tow truck driver. I have had stores with cops, shootouts, chased with a sledge hammer, strippers needing a car fixed, meth heads shitting in my car, crazy issues with cars from other disgusting people, customers who claim issues with cars that are not real issues, almost blow up the shop, and so on. This might all seem crazy and made up, spend a couple years in the industry and you realize thats just a slow Tuesday afternoon.
Ben Jerry
Ben Jerry 18 күн мурун
She should've checked out an Audi. Not my bag but at least they do soft tops.
SirCaleb 18 күн мурун
As a manager at a BMW dealership, I would LOVE to hear the sales persons side of the story. I can pretty much assure you that he did NOT say WHIP THE ASS END OF THIS Z4 AROUND THAT CORNER IN THE SNOW AND ICE. However, I totally believe the sales guys attitude lol... they are not all like that though. ( small town BMW dealership here )
Nick 19 күн мурун
Clearly this guy is a wanker. He should've informed the salesman that he's a car journo and that he's driven higher hp cars. Clearly he was being a dick.
deepwater-jew 19 күн мурун
Ok but ummm... I was a porter at BMW dealer for a little bit, drove dozens of BMWs and every damn M series there was at that time, the Z4 included. Fun little car, super easy to flick around, ass end comes around relatively easy. Maybe you're competence is just you being cocky and overly confident in your driving skills, or lack there of.
(O=[][]=O) 19 күн мурун
god this guy is annoying AF.
Jacob Fulmer
Jacob Fulmer 19 күн мурун
Ah, the ole "are you gonna buy something or not?" Really makes the customer feel like dropping some cash...
Matti A.
Matti A. 19 күн мурун
You still can’t convince me that this isn’t Ed with a beard
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