My life is changing..... I bought something crazy (Thank YOU)

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Thank you guys so much for the support ! Cant wait for the first trip.
Thank you,
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2019-ж., 19-мар.



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david brown
david brown 6 күн мурун
Bro I got u when u make it to the mountains of WV just hmu
Catfish_ cody785
Catfish_ cody785 6 күн мурун
Awesome buddy 🙏Hmu if your in Kansas buddy we will catch some Bass 👍👍😎💪💪🤙
Shawn Christopher
Shawn Christopher 7 күн мурун
You look like mini Tom cruise
Bigott212 10 күн мурун
Don't put that thing into the cabbage like you did on the never stop tour lmao
P85037 L
P85037 L 12 күн мурун
That thing’s sick as tits yo! I want one.
Trent Risetter
Trent Risetter 13 күн мурун
Robert H
Robert H 16 күн мурун
At his size he prob thinks it’s a RV. Sorry lil man, you got yourself a Van
Chris Presley
Chris Presley 16 күн мурун
Now all you need is a sick wrap for it
EA GAME CHANGERS 17 күн мурун
Was this purchased with the money you've made by milking kids and teens with shitty Favorite/Googan products?
Finish Carpentry TV
Finish Carpentry TV 22 күн мурун
You should have waited they just upgraded the new sprinters .
Gregory Feeley
Gregory Feeley 25 күн мурун
That’s one way to spend 150k nice van...been looking at one myself....
Mason 25 күн мурун
Awesome whip Ap, what about the Googan House Tho?
Jay T
Jay T 26 күн мурун
RVs are Great. I have a motorhome as well.. Be prepared on any new rv to have Many things break... This happens.. As you fix things properly youll work out the minor bugs and it should be good from there.. Expect It to happen but don't let it get you down its just temporary.
RHINO 54 26 күн мурун
Mabe try a 50 state tour in a hot air balloon. That would be a first!
RHINO 54 26 күн мурун
Nice try. Pity Robert Fields and SB fishing got there first but hope you have a lot of Fun
Richie V
Richie V 26 күн мурун
Cade 27 күн мурун
Y not Hawaii and Alaska I’m guessing
A M 27 күн мурун
"4 guys could cuddle back here" 🤔
peterk814 28 күн мурун
You need to buy a nose job
Brennan Wurst
Brennan Wurst 28 күн мурун
It seems peric bought a rape van cable of hiding his victims
Allen Brown
Allen Brown 28 күн мурун
Come to Glendale Fish and Wildlife in southern Indiana. Nice campground and lake stocked full.
Jd G
Jd G 28 күн мурун
Should've built your own and that will be your biggest regret.
mongomay1 28 күн мурун
I have heard those benz campers are good
play ball Wooten
play ball Wooten 28 күн мурун
I'm proud for you. Be careful.
J Han
J Han 29 күн мурун
Congratulations on the new rig. BTW, I hate you...lol. Mahalo.
Zohan 29 күн мурун
Want was the final cost for the new rv?
Ryan W
Ryan W 29 күн мурун
So excited for future videos
nickzkickz23 29 күн мурун
I live in the area that you bought the RV at. I drive by that place all the time
No One
No One 29 күн мурун
I bet 80% of SB's subscribers came from his appearance in the googan squads videos. So can't really say AP is "sniping viewers" 😂
Cole Black
Cole Black 29 күн мурун
Do you need to get a license plate called sholet
Cole Black
Cole Black 29 күн мурун
Method rims fuck yeah
Cole Black
Cole Black 29 күн мурун
Yeah you’re f150 won’t tow that lol
Cole Black
Cole Black 29 күн мурун
Let me think I see rv you’re getting rv?
Rivercitydolphin 29 күн мурун
That’s the general rv in Orange Park, Florida great place
simon nomis
simon nomis 29 күн мурун
You be lucky to do 25 states. You’ll get board in few weeks.
Garry Sceppa
Garry Sceppa 29 күн мурун
Congratulations new to your channel I’m in the middle of trying to get mine as well if I have questions I hope you can help best wishes I’ll be following you on your journey. Your friend in Virginia hit me up when your in Virginia my buddies are huge bass fisherman. Also my best friend who caught a 10.5 pound bass in 2009 I was there with him we have pictures and everything . He is in Atlanta so he works for a hunting property and takes people out to hunt and fish so you got connections on your journey.
Tu Ho
Tu Ho Ай мурун
Just remember to always flush the toilet before you remove the black cassette. Don't ask me how I know.
Garrett Sage
Garrett Sage 29 күн мурун
Tu Ho 😂🤣😂 true
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Ай мурун
nice rig however its now worth 30k less now that you drove it off the lot
Dutch Wylie
Dutch Wylie Ай мурун
Hope you complete it, I sent a email to Jon b 2 years ago, fish challenge , catch a fish in 50 states in 50 consecutive days, Good luck and have fun😀
Henry Xu
Henry Xu Ай мурун
Congrats, man!
barrett eldridge
barrett eldridge Ай мурун
PezMan Ай мурун
SB fishing van is bomb.
Steve Buys
Steve Buys Ай мурун
209 people are jealous as @#$$%^&
matthew dickey
matthew dickey Ай мурун
Wait, did he just trade that sweet ass f250 platinum in for this.
Wisconsin Waters
Wisconsin Waters Ай мурун
All you need is some strippers, I'll order some just send me the location😪 but record a video on it
Donald Pratt
Donald Pratt Ай мурун
I love your new vehicle. It's awesome. Good luck! You are a lucky guy.
Guntucky Ай мурун
Nice rig. No more Hotel Hell with the Boat........Hook up and Roll to Hook Up.
Jason Grant
Jason Grant Ай мурун
Stu West
Stu West Ай мурун
Sadly, the RV depreciated 30k in value making this video.
BlueHornet302 Ай мурун
A bass in all 50 states... good luck in Hawaii.
Rider Blank
Rider Blank Ай мурун
Tony Donahoe
Tony Donahoe Ай мурун
Probably shouldn’t have shown the massive rv right before showing yours you made yours look like a Prius compared to that beast
The Fishing Ginger aka TFG
Mason Peden
Mason Peden Ай мурун
Four guys could cuddle back here?
Brandon Logan
Brandon Logan Ай мурун
Thats amazing bro grats
FisherYin Ай мурун
Ok dude, come on. At least mention SB fishing cause it was his original idea. I’m a fan of yours, but you cannot always be copying others.
Kevin Huff
Kevin Huff Ай мурун
Cool idea, just should have gotten a way bigger camper! Trust me, that thing is going to seem tiny with 3 guys and their gear in it.
Little PAW 1969
Little PAW 1969 Ай мурун
First time checking in in a long time. Congratulations on the 700K subs. Very nice ride, it was fun to see the smile on your face when you got in and did the van tour.
Eddie Aldape
Eddie Aldape Ай мурун
Well AP stole all of Jon B.‘s ideas might as well steal SB FISHING ideas! Think for yourself, pal .....🎣🎣
Dylan Kemplin
Dylan Kemplin Ай мурун
You got bamboozled
Josh Reed
Josh Reed Ай мурун
God dang it man !! I’m totally jealous but I’m not a trust fund baby either. I guess I’ll live with it.
Richard Sapach
Richard Sapach Ай мурун
$150,000 for a camper van no thanks lol
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Ай мурун
sorta wondering if its a partnership deal with the rv dealership to get hype on the van. he never signed anything to own it.
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Ай мурун
yep exactly and since he bought it new he just lost THOUSANDS by leaving the dealership.. bought mine with cash and built it for 24k and it does everything that van does!
A M Ай мурун
The msrp is over $150k on this unit. How can he afford this by making youtube videos......
TheMidwestMikeTv Ай мурун
congrats this is SICK!
The Fishing Doctors Adventures
That's awesome, will be awesome being on the road in that thing just adventuring where ever. Come visit us sometimes we can't go for whatever around Vancouver, BC Canada.
JD Explorations
JD Explorations Ай мурун
Out of all the other guys I watch on KGvid. Your the smart one to get an RV. Finally. This thing will take you to amazing places and meet cool people. Will definitely build your subs. Just don’t wrap it. Maybe a sticker. Lol congrats.
Matt Shell
Matt Shell Ай мурун
It should really work good for you as many times you get kicked out of motels. Haha. I look forward to seeing your adventures.
bMoreBidness20 Ай мурун
155,000$ for that...….
Rhys Howard Fishing
Rhys Howard Fishing Ай мурун
Take a trip up to Maine sometime
zakkrick Ай мурун
Cool RV van. The things I could do if I can buy one. Road trips too. Have fun dude
Mitch Walters
Mitch Walters Ай мурун
Lucky sumb*tch 😁 dream machine AP enjoy!
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia Ай мурун
That is freaking sweet!!! Congrats brotha!!! 🤟🏼
Steven Allbery
Steven Allbery Ай мурун
Hey man don’t know if you’ll ever see this but when you come to Washington state you should come to Spokane! I wanna take you to one of our lakes up here that is probably the best lake in the state or even in the northwest. It’s called bonnie lake and you can only reach it through kayak where you paddle up the creek and it opens to a huge lake. We camp on the island in the middle of the lake.
BassGeek Ай мурун
It does seem to be a little odd. Just a little to familiar?
Ray Hagley
Ray Hagley Ай мурун
Crazy to think you just bought a $150k vehicle, happy for you man!
Florida Fishing
Florida Fishing Ай мурун
U were in orange park fl. Wells rd to be exact. Keep on fishing bud
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones Ай мурун
Need to come to Kansas soon! Biting the lipless and the spinner bait amazing right now! Good luck on the road trip.
Bass Buster
Bass Buster Ай мурун
Dude when you come to Missouri I would love to fish with you.
Jesse Fex
Jesse Fex Ай мурун
Slipry Trout
Slipry Trout Ай мурун
This cat looks like a Tom Cruise cartoon
Kevin Seigneurie
Kevin Seigneurie Ай мурун
Good for you buddy! Have fun out there!
Michael Ruppel
Michael Ruppel Ай мурун
Lame as fuck.
Clint Mock
Clint Mock Ай мурун
Hey bud I sell most of your appliances in your bago OEM direct out of Elkhart Indiana. (A/C range water heater furnace roof fans) If you ever need help when your in the boonies I can get you help through my technicians. Cool ride man!!
William Currin
William Currin Ай мурун
You should wrap it
Fish On
Fish On Ай мурун
Werd Flow
Werd Flow Ай мурун
This dudes definitely gunna crash it
Chad Schafer
Chad Schafer Ай мурун
"Ac is not a mandatory item" says only a person without AC
TortugaRagCo. Oceanwear
TortugaRagCo. Oceanwear Ай мурун
Just looked that van up, $155k msrp
madtownangler Ай мурун
Let the kid have his fun. More things to remember when he gets old. Hope ya try to make some stops with SBFishing and do some fishing together. Better do some musky fishing here in Madison, Wisconsin too.
Treyblerock Lake
Treyblerock Lake Ай мурун
Peric is the worst... such an original idea.
Roy Layne
Roy Layne Ай мурун
That's a really badd idea coming from someone who works on Coaches every day those things are trash When you start to have trouble with it come to motor home specialist
boosted kid productions
boosted kid productions Ай мурун
I wonder how many times you would have to change the oil to travel to all 50 states
garrett black
garrett black Ай мурун
Copying sbfishing
ATL sports 3
ATL sports 3 Ай мурун
Damn you stole sb fishing’s idea! I understand anybody can do this, but the timing makes it seem like you copied him!
ATL sports 3
ATL sports 3 29 күн мурун
Lmao I don’t watch his videos! You obviously know know I’m right though or you wouldn’t of commented! Bitchass, never try tell me what to do
Kevin Mojica
Kevin Mojica 29 күн мурун
So what dude? Shut up he can do whatever he wants, either way you’re still gonna watch his videos so just shut it and stop crying
Juniah87 Ай мурун
1Rod1Reel has got to be kicking himself right now, literally just passed on an opportunity that has nearly turned 5 people into millionaires. They aren't there quite yet, but most of the original Googan Squad are halfway to their first million.
Logan Staggs
Logan Staggs Ай мурун
Choppy write oh no
Joey G
Joey G Ай мурун
This is so awesome! Was thinking about doing this with a homemade camper like a truck or a minivan, but sick camper!how much can it tow??
Zareh Boi
Zareh Boi Ай мурун
Ap wrap on the new van 👀
Wise 90
Wise 90 Ай мурун
Love it AP. Keep it coming. Starting to find your groove again.
Fishing Slayem
Fishing Slayem Ай мурун
YOooooo 11:20 apbassin literally just shit his pants while sitting on the toilet 🚽
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