Making My Own Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! You all know that I am absolutely obsessed with Starbucks Pink Drinks, in fact, I order one every single day. In today's video, I decided to see if I could actually make my entire order... from scratch. Enioy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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2019-ж., 23-апр.



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iro panagopoulou
iro panagopoulou Саат мурун
friday 26th is my birthday!!!
Ella W
Ella W Саат мурун
Braeden Lucke
Braeden Lucke Саат мурун
When you were trying the starberry my tooth fell out when i was eating candy it hert so bad
Cyrine Baffoun
Cyrine Baffoun Саат мурун
How many presents the pinky drink has been loved by everyone in the world
Trash Mouth
Trash Mouth Саат мурун
Gabi Vlogs
Gabi Vlogs Саат мурун
James i want to go but I probably cant 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ashley Ramirez
Ashley Ramirez Саат мурун
Sis make a video where you are only using food products to do your makeup !!!❤️
Shridhi Jain
Shridhi Jain Саат мурун
do you know that rolling machine or whatever you call it is called BELAN in hindi and its a very good weapon used by indian mothers so that thier children are on the right track lol
Grace Crossland-Wilson
Grace Crossland-Wilson Саат мурун
“I am lactose I forgot”I am dead
nikola mandic
nikola mandic Саат мурун
iiiElxxa Саат мурун
I wish James would come to my city D:
Marleni Medrano
Marleni Medrano Саат мурун
You’re not coming to Washington D.C. 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Carol Tassin
Carol Tassin Саат мурун
nikola mandic
nikola mandic Саат мурун
a otac je pucao kada sis e rodio
Zea Mueller
Zea Mueller Саат мурун
I literally know how to make Starbucks’s Pinkity Drinkity drink What u need: A Starbucks Grande or Venti Cup 🥛 Coconut Milk 🥥 Strawberries 🍓 A Tiffany Blue Mixer 💙 A Hint of AÇAI (If U can Find It. Its super Rare). Whipped Cream (Optional) That’s literally all I know my Starbucks didn’t tell me the full recipe but at least u have some of it 😂😂
The Sedg Man
The Sedg Man Саат мурун
James: “hey sisters” Me: *WHAT ABOUT US STRAIGHT MALES WHO WATCH YOUR VIDEOS AND LOVE YOU?!* You better heart this James to show us that you love us too
Heather dbaugh
Heather dbaugh Саат мурун
No offense but..... Rosanna Pansino is quaking 😨
Rosie Lupton
Rosie Lupton Саат мурун
Am I the only one who’s like low key kinda annoyed how when EVER a big KGvidr goes on tour they will only go around America and never the UK :((((( not hate luv ya jamesssssss :(
Khrizza Santos
Khrizza Santos Саат мурун
why don’t people EVER include hawai’i in their tours😭 WE EXIST TOO!!
Ever read a comment and be like , *damn i wish i wrote that* 😭🤧😂
Manaal Саат мурун
Sharne Beeharry
Sharne Beeharry Саат мурун
Come u australia
y g
y g Саат мурун
i’m mad that he didn’t say purply slurply ):
Henry Gonzales
Henry Gonzales Саат мурун
Love that !
Andrea Vollmer
Andrea Vollmer Саат мурун
This video made me laugh. 😂 As a Barista, it’s hard to replicate Starbucks drinks. Trust me, I’ve tried. Lol Also, I’m excited that you are going on tour. If only I was living back in Texas already.. you will be in Texas on my birthday and unfortunately I can’t afford a $2,000 plane ticket to fly home for a weekend. Lol I wish some people would put Hawaii as a stop on their tour. They would get so much business if they did because NOBODY wants to come out here. The second someone puts Hawaii as a stop, tickets sell out within a day. Lol We don’t even have a Morphe store and Ulta just opened up last August. Just one more year and I will be back home!
Sleepybear 2
Sleepybear 2 Саат мурун
What about 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Elizabeth A.
Elizabeth A. Саат мурун
I love the chestnut praline lattes but of course they're only around for the holidays, wahhh lol. The white mocha w toffee nut syrup doesn't compare tho it's good. Still trying to find a good CP replacement!!
Daddy's li'll monster Kolar
Daddy's li'll monster Kolar Саат мурун
Why dont you do a serial like cooking with sister or something cuz this was AMAZING!!!!! GO SISTERS!!!! I LOVE YOU CHARLES
Gracie Ivens
Gracie Ivens Саат мурун
please come to Australia (Gold Coast)
Shell Shock Cat
Shell Shock Cat Саат мурун
why is this video on my recommendations?
Gejmer SRB
Gejmer SRB Саат мурун
How is this on trending?Congratulations gets 5M per day,or more.
Brittanie Baker
Brittanie Baker Саат мурун
Literally, never laughed so hard in my life 😂👏
Dj Dua
Dj Dua Саат мурун
#1 on trending 🙊
Becky Woodruff
Becky Woodruff Саат мурун
I don’t understand. If he thought they were pistachios why did he buy pumpkin seeds and not pistachios?
Dj Dua
Dj Dua Саат мурун
Hey guys! Welcome to my channel *I'm your cookin' sister* 😂
liza cream
liza cream Саат мурун
I'm in love with you why don't you be a boy 😂
Sabina Alexis
Sabina Alexis Саат мурун
i work at starbucks and i have never been more triggered. we have customers like the person in the beginning no joke. If i ever hear someone come in and order a pinkity drinkity i will actually quit
Karen Egan
Karen Egan Саат мурун
5:23 me : 😑
Chris Gomesse
Chris Gomesse Саат мурун
9:55 omgg how does he make that soundd?!
Dj Dua
Dj Dua Саат мурун
*omg he is famous!*
*•ASIAN_ BOBA•* Саат мурун
Zoë Thatcher
Zoë Thatcher Саат мурун
1:15 everyone
Blake Nichol
Blake Nichol Саат мурун
You know that Lady Gaga made the Pink Drink permanent, right? Not you...
smell my tae
smell my tae Саат мурун
10:58, do you no have a kettle?
Sofi lemon
Sofi lemon Саат мурун
Тут все такое английское
Seriously, whatever!
Seriously, whatever! Саат мурун
The pumpkin bread make me feel like making one rn 🤤🤤😍😍😍😍😍
Isabelle Tilbrook
Isabelle Tilbrook Саат мурун
4:44 Pumpkin bread 10:12 Pinkity Drinkiti
XxRoyichixX Gaming And Stuff
XxRoyichixX Gaming And Stuff Саат мурун
btw why r u a girl eventho ur a boy?
ofldavidserna Саат мурун
there’s no tickets for Louisiana..
Click Debate
Click Debate Саат мурун
Oh shit... I'm not a girl, wtf am I doing here?!
teamwarny Саат мурун
Wtf u don't have to be a girl to watch a video?
Elizabeth A.
Elizabeth A. Саат мурун
You should try the easiest pumpkin bread/muffin recipe ever... 1 box spice cake mix with 1 can pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)... Add extra cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, whatever you like if you want a stronger flavor. Mix them up... NO OTHER INGREDIENTS!!! bake at 350 for 30ish mins until toothpick test lol. You can put pumpkin seeds on this too... It's awesome for when you want something pumpkiny real quick !!
Maryam Elyassiri
Maryam Elyassiri Саат мурун
I swear literally no youtuber comes to Australia on their tours especially perth in Australia.
Rajan kumar & aleesha dreamworld
Oh my nice friend ur dashing nice cute great talker & well baker......🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😀join my vdo
Jocey Garcia
Jocey Garcia Саат мурун
My go to Starbucks order is a Venti Medicine Ball with 2 pumps of peppermint and a slice of banana nut bread warmed up😍👅💦😋 that is literally life!😋😁
Masum Killer
Masum Killer Саат мурун
Chal be hijre
Jasem Alzaid
Jasem Alzaid Саат мурун
Megan Flood
Megan Flood Саат мурун
As an Irish person it hurts me to watch you make tea like that hahaha
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez Саат мурун
James really thinks he made the pink drink permanent... lmfao
Martina S.
Martina S. Саат мурун
for a moment i thought you'd make your own starbucks drink and it would go on sale in all starbucks
dreaming_ wolf2006
dreaming_ wolf2006 Саат мурун
Litterly I'm new and ur already to good for me
Shakuntala Wagh
Shakuntala Wagh Саат мурун
Damn you can also be a good chef Nice
Ward kids
Ward kids Саат мурун
James is the best
Sophie C
Sophie C Саат мурун
Anyone know how much the tickets are tho?
Zea Mueller
Zea Mueller Саат мурун
James’s Kitchen : Black And White (⚫️⚪️) James: I NEED a Tiffany Blue Mixer let me get it real quick
Arjun Natta aka: RJ
Arjun Natta aka: RJ Саат мурун
Why don't you get a gender change surgery boi?
Julia de Klerk
Julia de Klerk Саат мурун
Being friends with James would be so fun😂
Emilia Саат мурун
me: gets excited of the sisters tour also me: remembers that lives in Europe
maya al
maya al Саат мурун
James being sister exited
Angie G
Angie G Саат мурун
I literally drove 4 hours to go to the nearest starbucks for a pinkity drinkity and Sister James let me te you that THEY DONT SELL PINKITY DRINKITYS IN AUSTRALIA 😡
Queen Bree
Queen Bree Саат мурун
Sister James I love you... but you made the purple drink that came out a couple years back instead of the pinkity drinkity 💓
Jenna Wilmore
Jenna Wilmore Саат мурун
wait so why did the brother and sister show shit stop ?
IlianaBlue Саат мурун
the cake looks good thoo ❤️
Siena Scott
Siena Scott Саат мурун
I wish you would come to New Zealand :c
HAMZA AHMAD Саат мурун
or hes a girls or a boy i cant understand or hes b/w shitttttttttttttttt man wtf
HAMZA AHMAD Саат мурун
+Nerd Draws hes full of shit
Nerd Draws
Nerd Draws Саат мурун
HAMZA AHMAD hes a dude who likes to do makeup and put on wigs
Jenny Herbert
Jenny Herbert Саат мурун
michelle tran
michelle tran Саат мурун
Lol James should start a cooking channel!😂
I speak The truth
I speak The truth Саат мурун
Freaks on tour , can’t wait to heckle this losers
Ralph Abordo
Ralph Abordo Саат мурун
Can James stop yelling at me 😩😩😩😩
axxel Gannon
axxel Gannon Саат мурун
He’s so empty and lonely and sad in the inside I can tell it’s just a mask I feel very bad for him
LAFA LAFA Саат мурун
New friend here, hope you visit mine too. Ty Congrats
Kelsea Webb
Kelsea Webb Саат мурун
Please bring the tour to the UK!!! I’M PRAYING THIS HAPPENS
Matthew Marcum
Matthew Marcum Саат мурун
Clicked just to dislike
Katie Herbert
Katie Herbert Саат мурун
I wish he did a tour in Ireland 😢😢😢
Arwa cloud
Arwa cloud Саат мурун
Ok but he’s like actually quirky n cute
Dagmara tiger
Dagmara tiger Саат мурун
When you will go to Latvia 😔😔😭😭😭😭
Tylah-Anne E
Tylah-Anne E Саат мурун
James: IM GOING ON A TOUR Also James: AROUND THE UNITED STATES Me: I hate being an Australian at this very moment in time
Frying Pan
Frying Pan Саат мурун
Tylah-Anne E Same
Jakyya McFadden
Jakyya McFadden Саат мурун
I hate haters duhhhh
Hikaru Саат мурун
Charlie Puth Is Hot Sisters
Charlie Puth Is Hot Sisters Саат мурун
James: Im a professional baker, did you know? Also James: *Sister cant work a salt shaker*.
PuReY3ti HD
PuReY3ti HD Саат мурун
Yeah you gonna need that drink after giving one of your fans top😂
Dua Sultan
Dua Sultan Саат мурун
I hope u also do it in Asia once
Maheen Khan
Maheen Khan Саат мурун
Todays my birthday and im watching james 😝
Anthony Man
Anthony Man Саат мурун
Chw Саат мурун
you’re a trash person, and you know that
Tonette Palmer
Tonette Palmer Саат мурун
Spoiler Alert: When he burned himself! 😂 His oblivion brought me tremendous joy.
Joe S.
Joe S. Саат мурун
Homos on blatant display. Total embarrassment to humanity. Abhoration of nature.
Gimille Tamayo
Gimille Tamayo Саат мурун
Rosanna pansino is S H O O K A N D Q U A K I N G
CrInGe_FaZe Саат мурун
James: I’m addicted to Starbucks Why’s there gatorade then?
LittleGems Vlogs!
LittleGems Vlogs! Саат мурун
I wish I could meet you sister! But I live way to far away! Xxx
Amberly Bradford
Amberly Bradford Саат мурун
1. A venti Pinkity Drinkity.... is like $6 2. A pumpkin bread is $3 3. And for your baking supplies you got a loaf.... not a slice.... 4. As for the recipe.... for the drink I don’t have an answer, but in theory if the recipe is right you could have made multiples with your $47 of goods...... 5. Please make a couple more of these baking/cooking things....... you are hilarious! 6. Daily Starbucks = 🔥 💴..... so in my world it is a treat..... I love the ultra Carmel.... the crystal ball they made a couple years ago, the pink drink is another fave (but I met you after it was on the menu), and a vanilla bean with a 💩 loaf of Carmel on the bottom....
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