4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?

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4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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2019-ж., 11-апр.



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chef boy r gene
chef boy r gene Саат мурун
Nobody listen to level 4 chef she can’t even cook
Richie Tozier
Richie Tozier 3 саат мурун
Everyone likes Emily i liked her up until she decided to eat her french toast with ketchup
Rub-One 4 саат мурун
KETCHUP ? Seriously !? >:(
waasqoodd 4 саат мурун
lorenzos looks like absolute heaven... level 3 did to much
waasqoodd 4 саат мурун
i thought she said vodka i was like for breakfast??? i mean okay i’ll try it
Dennis Wu
Dennis Wu 4 саат мурун
Please do mashed potatoes!
Deven Gaming and Design
Deven Gaming and Design 5 саат мурун
I had no idea stale bread was used to make French toast. Very interesting!
mabs4693 5 саат мурун
9:50 we saw 2 different ways of making french toast*
Scarlet Ash
Scarlet Ash 6 саат мурун
Level 1: essentially made a backwards scrambled egg sandwich hence why the ketchup might be a good idea to her. I am not a supporter of ketchup on eggs. That's nasty!
Vinal Chaudhary
Vinal Chaudhary 6 саат мурун
Stop calling the "food scientist" a level 4. It's insulting to chef's everywhere.
cybersphere 7 саат мурун
I'd prefer to watch a cooking show with the level 2 guy. He's friendly, happy and down to earth. The chef reminds me of a middle school home economics teacher who is always telling you what you did wrong.
Kat H.
Kat H. 7 саат мурун
I love how passionate Lorenzo is about food, his little tips are so helpful!
Ryan Dikdan
Ryan Dikdan 8 саат мурун
She's my favorite level 1 chef so far
Marinette Quinz Zimmer
Marinette Quinz Zimmer 8 саат мурун
This should called 10 minutes vs 1hour vs half day of making.
purpleswag knk
purpleswag knk 2 саат мурун
Dude you make lvl3 in 2 h xd
Porky Pig 2019-2022
Porky Pig 2019-2022 8 саат мурун
Wrong Emily Maple syrup not ketchup
Porky Pig 2019-2022
Porky Pig 2019-2022 8 саат мурун
Level 2 & 3 is much better than level 1
Leah Marie
Leah Marie 8 саат мурун
My favorite French toast is BLUEBERRY FRENCH TOAST
bluemoon_31 10 саат мурун
ketchup...?.....emily...lovey.....bless your heart, but you're a psychopath that made pan-fried egg bread and called it french toast
EdgyBoi2414 11 саат мурун
Level 1 is mood
Polly ThePengiun
Polly ThePengiun 11 саат мурун
I am literally the red head lmfao. I too put ketchup on my French toast
Angie Leger
Angie Leger 12 саат мурун
Emily cracked me up!
Samu Tyrväinen
Samu Tyrväinen 12 саат мурун
”I will eat this alone in the dark.” I wanna marry Emily.
TheLazyPlayer 2
TheLazyPlayer 2 13 саат мурун
You can garnish this with whatever you want I like to put ketchup on it *BECAUSE I'M A MONSTER*
bovfbovf 13 саат мурун
Tbh Lorenzo’s stuff always look the best
terribletimetraveler 13 саат мурун
Did penny wait there overnight for her doe to be ready? :(
terribletimetraveler 13 саат мурун
Lorenzo is best best best girl!
Kaleb Simpkins
Kaleb Simpkins 13 саат мурун
u would be so embarrassed to be Emily
K It
K It 13 саат мурун
Lorenzo's mmmm! 😋
ArsenicCriminal 14 саат мурун
I want to marry the level 1 chef
olof .anttila
olof .anttila 14 саат мурун
Emily is my spirit animal.
XtremeFaze xXx
XtremeFaze xXx 14 саат мурун
Ketchup???? Okay, I think she is a woman of culture as well......
B C 15 саат мурун
Ok but do people actually eat ketchup w their french toast or
Tomiun 17 саат мурун
I really like the fact that we finally have a relatable level 1 chef! Go Emily! Also, Lorenzo is just amazing
Hawk Kun
Hawk Kun 17 саат мурун
If the level 1 chef knows how to make french toast, what level am i not knowing how to make french toast and about all other complex foods
Haley Blue
Haley Blue 17 саат мурун
I like my french toast a little wet 😨
noobTV 17 саат мурун
Lorenzo wenn du das liest: du bist ein Ehrenmann
TheJayfa 18 саат мурун
Here's a real headscratcher: How come they call it "Fresh Toast" if it's cooked?
Pans On Fire
Pans On Fire 14 саат мурун
Like many food names it's not always possible to confirm the story, but one version is that the way we make French toast now can be traced back to an innkeeper in New York in the 18th century named J. French. So it's French's toast which became french toast. Like German chocolate cake is not named after the country but a man named German.
elle z
elle z 20 саат мурун
expert: here's why emily is always wrong XD ..gotta love the girl tho
i love foods
i love foods 20 саат мурун
i think i'll have that plain toast with ketchup hahaha, others are just too much for me 😂
Just Mal
Just Mal 21 саат мурун
Emily does something wrong Food scientist: I'm about to end this woman's career
Chase_Shepherd 20071115
Chase_Shepherd 20071115 10 саат мурун
Nobody: Just Mal: *You know what i should make a meme on youtube because you know nobody is gonna see it so everybody will like it*
Ance Skruzkalne
Ance Skruzkalne 22 саат мурун
Level one with the KETCHUP help I'm cringing SOOO bad
Boku No Anime
Boku No Anime 22 саат мурун
I'll eat emilys toast cuz who puts chocolate on eggs
MAX 23 саат мурун
3:45 ooooooo hellll no you can’t do that She should go to prison for that
squidlena 23 саат мурун
I love the level 1 chef haha!
Like if u are ARMY
Like if u are ARMY 23 саат мурун
2:50 that transition tho😂
Cece Ayayee
Cece Ayayee Күн мурун
I audibly screeched when Emily pulled out the Ketchup
Haro Күн мурун
2018: WHAT IF IM THE MONSTER!!!! 2019: I like to put ketchup on cause I'm a monster!!
Brayden Keynon
Brayden Keynon Күн мурун
This is the first time I've ever heard of anybody eating french toast with ketchup. You're right, Emily. You are a monster.
Dovi Күн мурун
Plasma Greninja And Plasma Eevee
Wait where is the other level 3 guy?
Iman Күн мурун
*or just eat a banana*
TheRemiCay Күн мурун
Lorenzo, that looks amazing! Well done! You've got my vote!
Emma Zhang
Emma Zhang Күн мурун
Stop making me hungry! Then again, if I didn’t want to be hungry, I wouldn’t be watching this video.
missashleeymarie Күн мурун
Why are the amateur chefs always OVERLY amateur lmfao
jjjjnkj Күн мурун
Is there something that lorenzo doesn't make once a month?
sofia lugones
sofia lugones Күн мурун
Let's be real, we're all Emily
Josee Barrette
Josee Barrette Күн мурун
Look at least Emily is self aware...
haha Bitch
haha Bitch Күн мурун
Tbh I liked Emily’s until I saw her put ketchup...
Ray Supreme
Ray Supreme Күн мурун
The level one girls probelms are so relatable to me
NoSkinWanabe Күн мурун
Don’t be mean I eat toast with ketchup
craft pikmin
craft pikmin Күн мурун
Emily : Poor girl Lorenzo : Funny guy Every level 3 chef : I like to make that myself
Starlord Slayer
Starlord Slayer Күн мурун
I sware at least this time frank isn’t here cos if all were her I would be so suprised
Nicholas Aulger
Nicholas Aulger Күн мурун
Every episode of 4 levels: Level 1: Hi I'm ____ and I am a level 1 chef Lvl 2: Hi I'm ____ and I am a level 2 chef Lvl 3: My name is ____ and I've been cooking since I was 6 years old. I was raised to cook and now I own a franchise of businesses scattered throughout the continental US devoted to my personal recipes. I'm going to start by making my whisk from scratch
TunableJoker16 Күн мурун
Emily I understand your a level 1 and the use of store bought sand which bread because it’s cheap but 1. Ketchup with something sweet? Really? 2. why the hell did you reach 3 slices back into the sandwich bread
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares Күн мурун
This is getting boring. The same people constantly. Having said that,... Mmmmm French Toooooast....
puppy lover #1
puppy lover #1 Күн мурун
What to do if u want French toast 1:get in the car 2:go to ihop 3:order French toast
el Fuego
el Fuego Күн мурун
tbh I like being in the middle the level 2 guy. I don't like being where im going to mess up all the time making this recipe cuz i don't wanna get sick, but i don't wanna wait 2 days to make and eat something
james evans
james evans Күн мурун
That's not custard, and why would you add Nutella, butter, syrup and sugar to an slice of brioche which had been dipped in egg and fried in butter?
Sergio Alvarez
Sergio Alvarez Күн мурун
L E Күн мурун
I made myself one french toast after watching this😁
Savannah Mcdonough
Savannah Mcdonough Күн мурун
Omg that chocolate bread was gorgeous
Julee Myers
Julee Myers Күн мурун
If Lorenzo had march, I would buy it without a second thought
laxnacht Күн мурун
Xalonus Күн мурун
I had to stop the video while i was screaming, waking everyone up in my house just to comment..... WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND USES KETCHUP ON FRENCH TOAST!!!!!!?? THERE IS NO GOD!!!
Xalonus 12 саат мурун
+Pans On Fire I guess.... But still lol
Pans On Fire
Pans On Fire 14 саат мурун
A lot of people, actually. I don't think she added any sugar so it's savory french toast.
Fruiting Body Reviews
Fruiting Body Reviews Күн мурун
the level 3 chef is always like when spongebob draws an entire head to draw a circle
Laura Spoonie Vlogs
Laura Spoonie Vlogs Күн мурун
Guys she put ketchup on it because she literally just made egg & toast 😂😂😂
TheSpacecraftX Күн мурун
Should be renamed The Roast of Emily.
TheSpacecraftX Күн мурун
Why are they making it sweet? Is it supposed to be sweet? Edit: What, fructose syrup in bread? Americans' sandwich bread is sweet? What is wrong with you guys? Scottish plain for me.
Geoffrey A
Geoffrey A 23 саат мурун
TheSpacecraftX Yes, it’s supposed to be sweet. The main characteristic is the custard which pancakes and waffles don’t possess. Most processed white breads are sweetened. However, we do have some grocery chains and brands that sell delicious bread that isn’t sweetened. Though it wouldn’t make very good French toast 😂
-no name-
-no name- Күн мурун
I swear man they are actually tryna embarrass emily
Steve S
Steve S Күн мурун
Ketchup? You monster!!
Maniack k
Maniack k Күн мурун
that orange is making me say no
mister BBC
mister BBC Күн мурун
nobody: Lorenzo: Muahahaha
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker Күн мурун
Let's be honest, yall just came to shame emily.
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker Күн мурун
"I'd eat this alone in the dark" omg Emily 😫😫
Wayne Күн мурун
i am the only one who dont watch the level 4 ?
jovi valarao
jovi valarao Күн мурун
Harryguccistyles Күн мурун
Steve S
Steve S Күн мурун
Harryguccistyles I don’t know any Americans that use ketchup besides Emily.
KO Doom
KO Doom Күн мурун
This is so... cute? For a lack of a better, more concise word lol. Each person's french toast reflects their individuality/style, and I find it so entertaining. Not to mention the editing is hilarious.
Luke 2 күн мурун
Damn they really be stretching to get that 10 minute mark huh?
N I C Ø T I NE 2 күн мурун
I always love Lorenzos food, I wanna eat all of them tbh
Louella.y 2 күн мурун
I legit gasped at the ketchup
Louella.y 2 күн мурун
Thank you, french toast is for stale bread !!! That's the whole point ! when I was a kid my mom would make it for dinner anytime we had stale baguette :)
joseph martinez
joseph martinez 2 күн мурун
Pica Mawinga
Pica Mawinga 2 күн мурун
love this series
The Bacon Lard
The Bacon Lard 2 күн мурун
Emily: I’m a level 1 chef. Lorenzo: I’m a level 2 chef. Penny: IVE BEEN A PROFESSIONAL CHEF... FOR FIFTEEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!
Riot 2 күн мурун
level 2 greater than level 3
jeevan amin
jeevan amin 2 күн мурун
I never watch the Level 4. TMI!
Kaneka 2 күн мурун
is Emily depressed
Anthony Riley
Anthony Riley 2 күн мурун
they should do 4 levles of steak
cannibal social network
cannibal social network 2 күн мурун
Pass the ketchup!
Poppy 2 күн мурун
Level 1 any day
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